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Your customized tool factory since 1986

Von Arx's specialty is the design, manufacturing, repair, and maintenance of punches and dies for over 35 years! Our expertise allows us to design and manufacture the dies you need for your project. We also have on-site equipment to test the dies and make necessary adjustments to ensure the result meets and exceeds client expectations.

Each project is meticulously studied to employ the most productive and cost-effective design and manufacturing techniques to meet every constraint and client demand. Whether it's complex progressive dies or simple manual dies, we will advise and develop your project ideas using specialized software.

Our clients come from various industries such as electricity, aerospace, medical, and transportation. Our expertise is capable of meeting your needs. We love taking on the greatest challenges with attention to detail and rigorous quality.


Stamping, also known as metal forming or punching, is the process of transforming steel, either in sheet or coil form, using a die model. Metal stamping can be done on various materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, and more.

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Punches and die design

Design and manufacture of special parts used in punching and die operations. Punches are tools that create holes or shapes in a workpiece, while dies are tools that provide support for the material and define the final shape of the piece.

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CNC machining combines the use of computers and machine tools to perform automated machining operations. Our CNC department, managed by a highly skilled and experienced team, currently has 5 machines.

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Wire cutting

Our wire cutting service is part of our expertise that sets us apart. Using specialized machines that combine water and electricity, this process allows us to create precise shapes, even with parts measuring up to 16 inches in height.

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Surface grinding

Surface grinding is a precise machining process used to achieve a flat and smooth surface on a workpiece. It involves an abrasive machining operation in which a grinding wheel, consisting of abrasive particles, is used to gradually remove thin layers of material from the workpiece being ground.

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Why choose Von Arx?


As a manufacturer of punches and dies for over 35 years, we have the expertise to design and manufacture the dies you need, regardless of complexity.


Our skills go beyond stamping and die design. At Von Arx, we have equipment for wire cutting, CNC machining, and surface grinding, allowing us to perform these types of jobs.


Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. We carefully study each project to employ the most productive and cost-effective techniques to meet your demands.

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You are also welcome to send a detailed e-mail (with a technical drawing) directly to us at info@vonarxinc.com.